Innotek Pet Containment

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Pet Containment

The Innotek bark control collars featured in this section use different stimulation techniques to stop your dog from barking continuously. Innotek collar is highly efficient and the stimulation level increases every time your dog barks. If the dog stops barking for 5 minutes, then bark control collar automatically sets the next level of stimulation to 2 levels back.

Dog Training

If you are an avid hunter then we advise you to look no further than the dog training systems. These Innotek training systems will train your dog and make him/her obedient for life. You can also train more dogs by expanding this system by adding more receiver collars. We also carry extra or replacement collar receivers for your Innotek remote trainer or pet containment system. Innotek pet products have been manufactured using high quality shock resistant materials to withstand moisture, everyday wear and other harsh conditions. Innotek dog products are considered the best on the pet equipment market.