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Dog Containment Systems

With the contain n train systems you can enjoy patented run-thru prevention and progressive correction, as well as a containment range of up to 5 acres. These PetSafe pet containment products allow you to keep track of your dogs’ whereabouts and train them to understand that boundaries are set-up for their safety.

Dog Fences

Wireless fences and in-ground fences are both available on our site. Each type of Petsafe dog fence system has its own advantages; shop through both to find out what model will work best with your property. The indoor containment systems are great to have on hand at all times. You can safely block your pet from entering the nursery, your closet full of designer shoes, or a room with featuring a brand new couch or carpet. Containment accessories for Petsafe fences are also available for all systems on our site.