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The PetSafe Cat Door is simple to install and designed to be fitted on solid walls. Petsafe pet doors can fit in any door that is up to 2" thick, and has a sliding lock mechanism that allows the door to be open all the time or locked. Its sturdy plastic frame will hold up in any weather climate. Browse our great selection of Petsafe cat doors.

Cat Doors

Out site also carries cat windows for cats up to 20 lbs. The convenient cat door allows cats to go outside and return home, whenever they want. It is easy to install and opens vertically. The Petsafe cat windows feature a secure weather-tight design that locks the unit in place for stability and a 4-way locking cat flap, which allows you to control access. The PetSafe cat veranda lets your feline take in the sights, sounds and scents of the outdoors while enjoying the safety of the indoors..