Staywell 4-Way Locking Cat Doors

The 4 way locking cat doors on our site are easy to install and feature high, impact plastic that will withstand every season. Locking protection controls the level of access in case you want to control your cats’ indoor and outdoor access. Enjoy low maintenance and high value with these Staywell pet door products.

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Locking Cat Doors

The cat flap is simple to install, with a universal fitting for walls and doors that is extremely energy-efficient. Staywell cat flap offers a see through rigid flap that compliments almost any décor. We also carry Staywell 4 way magnetic cat flaps offering the freedom cats and other small pets crave. The collar magnets operate the door's opening and closing and the weather resistant magnetic seal makes it weather resistant. The collar key actually unlocks the flap allowing access by your pet, but not by any other animals. This ensures that only your cat has access to your home and prevents strays from entering through your Staywell cat door. Please browse through our Petsafe dog training products for the highest quality reliable products and best prices on the pet equipment market.