Bark Collars

Innotek Bark Collars

The Innotek bark collars are designed to not only control dogs bark, but also to act as a training aid to teach your dog when barking is not acceptable. Now you can enjoy uninterrupted sleep using these excellent Innotek bark collars. They are efficient and economic and designed to protect your dog from over stimulation.

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Bark Collars

The stimulation levels on these Innotek collars increase every time your dog barks. After your dog has stopped barking, for a five minute period, the no-bark collar automatically sets the next stimulation back 2 levels. Collar feature the patented auto set technology that allows the device to sets itself. The stimulation is activated by Innotek automatic No-Bark collar only when the dog barks, so most pets quickly learn how to avoid the correction. Once the dog understands, excessive and annoying barking disappears. Check out our PetSafe dog containment and training equipment.