PetSafe Locking Cat Flaps

Our site's PetSafe cat flap category features four way cat flats, four way magnetic cat flaps and selective entry infrared cat flaps. With the four way cat flaps pet doors you can give your pet the freedom to come in and out of the house without worrying about other animals coming indoors.

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Cat Flaps

Petsafe cat flaps are easy to setup and feature universal fitting for walls and doors. The cat flap features a see through, rigid flap that compliments almost any décor. We also carry four way magnetic cat flaps that offer cats and other small pets the freedom they crave. Place a collar magnet on your cat, which then allows them to magnetically operate the door flap. Weather resistant magnetic seal makes it weather and energy efficient.

The collar key actually unlocks the flap allowing access by your pet, but not by others. Browse through the infrared cat flap category that feature programmable infrared technology, which also reads the color-coded key attached to your cat's collar and opens the door. Browse through our selection of PetSafe pet doors, 4 way locking cat flaps, magnetic flaps and infrared cat flaps.