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Our sites PetSafe home training category features a great selection of systems that include little and big dog trainers, long range and multi-dog trainers. If you are a professional or just a pet owner who wants to teach their dog good behavior, this section will provide you with the best in training solutions.

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Home Training

The little dog trainers are for your little pets and feature mild level of stimulation, waterproof receiver and lightweight design. The trainers help you to teach your little pet what behaviors are acceptable at certain times. The big dog trainers are suitable for dogs weighing over 8 pounds, and help the owner deter annoying behaviors such as digging, chewing on furniture, jumping on guests, or excessive barking.

The long range trainer is an advanced trainer with a range of around 400 yards. These trainers are for professionals and feature corrections levels ranging from mild to firm. The waterproof receiver is designed for all terrain use and features a rechargeable battery. With this system trainers work without leashes and use the transmitter to send correction signals to your dog's receiver collar with the simple push of button.