PetSafe In-Ground Fences

How does the PetSafe in-ground dog fence work?

A radio signal travels from the Fence Transmitter through a buried wire, marking the boundaries you wish to set for your dog. Your dog wears a Receiver Collar that detects the signal at the boundary. As your dog approaches the boundary, the receiver issues a warning tone. If he proceeds further, he receives a safe but startling Static Correction. While harmless, the correction will persuade him to stay in the containment area you’ve established.
Will my dog always need to wear the receiver?

A very small percentage of dogs won’t actively test the boundary by going across the street or charging out of the yard. This is not the behavior of most dogs. Most dogs, have a 'testing' temperament we can equate to that of a young child. "No" means no for now… But later, well… That’s up for a new test.

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PetSafe In-Ground Fences

The dog collars featured with these PetSafe In Ground dog fences pet containment systems are extremely lightweight and adjust to fit pets both small and large. Quickly teach pets to stay within the boundaries designated by the In Ground radio fence, while also offering them optimal freedom and comfort. The Petsafe pet receiver collar is water-resistant and you can add more dogs by easily adding more receiver collars. The lightning protection unit helps protect the transmitter from electrical power surges and lightning strikes near your boundary wire. Install a In-Ground pet fence today to keep your pets safe and secure.