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Bark Control

The spray bark control collar featured on our site spray a citronella like substance to distract a dog when barking uncontrollably. You can use this citronella bark control collar with no worries, as it does not cause pain to your dog. Whenever your dog barks, a burst of strong citrus scent is emitted and the dog will stop barking. Petsafe spray collar is a good choice if you do not want to provide an electric correction or if you know that your dog has a low threshold for pain.

Bark Control Collars

We also carry bark control collars that uses ultrasonic tone to correct unnecessary barking. Only your pet can hear the ultrasound emitted from the collar. The sound is not harmful in any way, but is loud enough to distract the dog from barking. If you are tired of your dog barking every time your phone rings? The Petsafe anti-bark collars offer multi level static correction with Patented Perfect Bark Detection for small and large dogs.