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Think Obedience Training Doesn’t Matter? These Insane Tragedies Could Happen to Your Pup…

No matter the gender, breed or size, canines need to have proper training starting at a young age.

As a pet owner, you can opt to train your dog through a variety of different methods, choosing the style and products that are right for you. However, choosing to ignore obedience training can cause mayhem, and you might find yourself in a predicament like one of these pet owners below:

When Barking Tests Human Limits, bark training

It’s common to hear a dog barking or howling away through the door of their home or the crack of a window. The action is simply in their nature.

However, for some dogs, the yipping seems to rarely let up. This issue can annoy your neighbors, but, often, many of them will politely try to “deal with it” or tune it out. In some cases, neighbors will not act so kindly, resulting poorly for you and/or your canine companion.

For the Macken family, their barking dog led to an extensive amount of veterinarian bills, and resulted in the family having to watch their four-legged friend suffer. One day, a neighbor of the Macken family was sick of hearing the dog bark. He stated that the dog barked incessantly and needed to be quiet for the sake of his sanity.

In an effort to quiet the dog himself, the man stuck his pellet gun through the neighbors’ joint fence and shot the the beloved Puggle, Nizmo, twice. He then continued to poke the dog with a sharp object. Additionally, the Macken children sadly watched the entirety of these events unfold.

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Although Nizmo did pull through, his spleen, liver and stomach were torn apart as a result of the pellets. The pup had to have his stomach removed, which has altered his diet and his entire life.

Although what Evans did was completely inexcusable and considered severe animal cruelty, events of similar magnitude DO occur in every day life when an individual’s limits have been reached. For the sake of the animal, a situation like this could have been prevented if the Mackens had taken the time and effort to properly train their dog.

To help avoid similar situations, and if you need any help training your dog not to bark, try one of the bark control solutions from the PetSafe dog training line, such as the Ultrasonic Bark Control Collar.

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Barking All the Way to Homeless, bark training

Denise Norton might not have been homeless and in debt hundreds of thousands of dollars if she had only taken the time to properly train her dog and/or used a tool like the NoBark 6 Standard Bark Collar.

Miss Norton lives in an area of North Seattle nestled in a quiet suburb surrounded by several neighbors. One of her neighbors had complained several times that Denise’s dog had a bark that reached over 128 decibels, which would mean that the barking was almost as loud as a jet plane (how he calculated that – we don’t know.)

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The neighbor filed a complaint stating that Copper, Denise’s canine buddy, barked and howled loudly consistently throughout the day. The neighbor then filed a case suing Denise for up to $500,000!

Denise ignored the court case, considering it frivolous and outlandish, stating that the complaint was dramatizing the situation. Needless to say, Denise additionally disregarded her summons and did not show up to her court appearance, resulting in an automatic victory for her neighbor, and Denise owing a massive some of money.

A few days later, the local sheriff came to Miss Norton’s home, posting papers on her garage stating that the house was to be put up for sale.

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When you really take a step back to think about it, this entire situation was due to a dog’s incessant barking, and could have been prevented if Denise had simply taken the time to train her puppy with the proper dog training systems, such as top dog training products like the PetSafe Rechargeable Bark Collar.

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