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Diva Dog? Stubborn Pup? How to Pick the Best Dog Training System Based on Your Dog’s Personality (Big Dogs)

Obedience training for large dogs can be a challenge due to their size, and may require the use of one or more dog training techniques.

Several studies have indicated that, for you as the pet owner, learning how to train a larger dog can call for the frequent use of firm commands. If you find yourself often repeating commands with little results, there are further resources to get you and your pup to achieve success.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the best PetSafe dog training systems for big dogs that can help with obedience training for even the most ornery of large dog breeds:

1. For the Big Dog Who Needs to Run

Petsafe Elite Big Dog Remote Trainer www.factoryoutletstore.com

The Elite Big Dog Remote Trainer Dog Training Collar is just one of a selection of dog training collars that uses a safe stimulation to train a dog weighing 40 pounds and up. It has a range of up to 1,000 yards so Fido can run along and play, but is adjustable with up to 15 levels of stimulation, making it suitable to the needs of your dog.

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2. For the Medium-Big Dog Who Needs a Little Extra Training

Petsafe YardTrainer 105S www.factoryoutletstore.com

The PetSafe YardTrainer 105S Dog Training Collar is a solid choice to aid you when training dogs that are 8 lbs. or more and are stubborn, hard to train, or are less sensitive. This device uses a more aggressive system with 8 levels of stimulation and a waterproof receiver for outside use. The remote control is also water resistant.

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3. For The Big Dog Who Might Not Get It the First Time

 PetSafe Big Dog Remote Trainer. www.factoryoutletstore.com

If you’re training a big dog that is 40 lbs or heavier, take a look at PetSafe Big Dog Remote Trainer Dog Training Collars. With ample patience and training, this device can help to have your large, stubborn dog stay by your side without the use of a leash.

This dog training collar uses 16 levels of stimulation to get your dog’s attention and will work up to 100 yards. This product has an instant +2 button that will immediately let your dog know when he’s behavior is unacceptable. Lastly, the remote has a tone-only mode when stimulation is no longer necessary.

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4. For the Big Dog Who Is a Couch Potato

PetSafe Basic Remote Trainerwww.factoryoutletstore.com

The PetSafe Basic Remote Trainer Dog Training Collar is an affordable system for around your home or neighborhood with a range of up to 75 yards. It offers 12 levels of stimulation and two tones for complete training. This collar is also water resistant.

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5. For the Big Hunting Dog

PetSafe Yard and Park Remote Trainerwww.factoryoutletstore.com

The PetSafe Yard and Park Remote Trainer Dog Training Collar is designed for dogs 8 lbs. or bigger and works for distances up to 400 yards. A waterproof collar is perfect for dogs that like to play in a pond or river, or a hunting dog fetching his catch.

This dog training collar system has a tone only button, a continuous stimulation button, and a button that delivers continuous stimulation two levels above its current setting for when your dog needs immediate correction.

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6. For the Big Dog Who Still Thinks He’s a Puppy

PetSafe Big Dog Deluxe Remote Trainer www.factoryoutletstore.com

The PetSafe Big Dog Deluxe Remote Trainer Dog Training Collar is for big dogs that are 40 lbs. or larger and must be at least six months old. This works well in correcting negative behavior like digging, chewing on furniture, jumping, and barking. It has ten powerful levels of stimulation along with a tone mode and works up to 100 yards.

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7. For The Big Doggy Diva

PetSafe Elite Pendant Remote Trainer www.factoryoutletstore.com

If you are looking for how to train a dog with smooth ram-horn loops instead of contact points, check out the PetSafe Elite Pendant Remote Trainer Dog Training Collar that can be more comfortable for your big dog. The pendant receiver slips on your dog’s current collar, has nine levels of static stimulation and works up to 100 yards.

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Working with large and stubborn dogs can take patience, but a consistent reward system and time spent will let your pet know that you are in control. The good news? There are a variety of Petsafe training products to assist you along the way.